Preparation for ‘Big’ School

So, my daughter goes to ‘BIG’ school next year!
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I’m already having visions of the First Day of me feeling like a bundle of nerves bursting into tears.

Nonetheless, here we go with determination as we keep on living.
There has been a continuous hunt for the ‘right’ school and this has not been an easy task.

A few schools, I think, hand-picked drill sergeants from the military to be at their frontline to personally interrogate you.
This left me feeling a bit snubbed especially by the type of questions they ask.
‘Where do you live?’ seems to be on all their lips! ‘Why don’t you enlist in your surrounding area?’
Seriously? Did she just ask that? I felt like responding – don’t you think I thought about that already?
Obviously, I have my motives for wanting to enlist.
They tell you famous stories of how thousands upon thousands of applications are already in waiting.

Reading thru the admission forms is something on its own.
Be careful before you sign on the dotted line. I had to read the forms at least three times before I felt comfortable.
I have heard heart breaking stories about the meeting process.  Tiny people are engaged thru a discussion similar ‘to that of a ‘job interview’

Though, I should say there are schools that are welcoming. You can see their smiles are genuine, allowing you to view the grounds and answering questions settling a few concerns.

This brings about a warm fuzzy feeling and you know this is the ‘right’ school.

A wise friend told me, you just got to leave it in God’s hands and believe that He will give you direction.

Steady yourselves Moms, rocky roads ahead. Get a head-start by viewing the schools ahead of time that you may eliminate the ‘drill sergeants’.

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