Ready to embrace 2014??

Out with the old in with the New!!
This is usually how I like to end off the year.
Cleaning out my wardrobe, anything I did not wear does not deserve a chance in 2014.
I apply this to my daughter’s closet as well, as with her toys.
Think of all the unprivileged that you can help with this simple task.
Next step is my hair! Booking a make-over session with my trusted stylist. I like to experiment by trying out a new colour. Then saying Bye Bye split ends. Hello new Me! Let’s get ready to meet 2014 with a Bang!
Then hmmmm… shy to say, yes let’s re-activate that gym membership.

Looking back at 2013, it has been a crappy year with my health. Never thought I would end up in hospital. Therefore, 2014 I vow to live a healthier lifestyle. Yes to fruits and veg accompanied by lots of Yoga to de-stress. And of Course on top of my list – Spending lots of TLC with my daughter!

My motto for 2014! Just let it go! Leave it to God to sort it out for you. He has bigger plans for 2014.

Goodbye 2013!

You made me laugh, you made me cry!

2014! I CAN I WILL end of story…



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