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With a busy lifestyle, eat, work and play. Time plays a vital role to cramp all activities into a single day. I have a constant battle with time! Always feeling a sense of anxiety, especially in the morning.
Packing lunch, yelling at the top of my voice ‘Come on guys we gonna be late’. Whenever I feel that everyone is not working around my clock,  I turn into this morning monster. The entire household gets turned upside down (topsy turfy). I often forget to breathe & realize that I only have two hands.
Being snappy and impatient is not gonna slow down time.
Why should my family suffer my wrath & have their days be ruined.
I have to remember that I have to set the example and be a role model, My behavior will be re-enacted by my daughter.
Light bulb mo: A change is needed!
First on the agenda: Start off the day with prayer! Inhale deeply and remind myself to let go and let God take charge of my day.
Still, keeping my horns at bay and without them peeping out, respond calmly with a good attitude and smile.
Communication is key, if I ask politely maybe they will listen.
Patience with others is love. Gentle love.
As a new mom, my favorite phrase was; my little girl is going to teach me patience.
This is true; she is a gift from God. I am here to see the world thru her eyes and learn so many things.

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Note to self:
Always remain calm in the storm.
Pray for guidance.
My husband is reading this, no turning back!!!!

Rodney William: Patience the ability to see pass emotion

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3 Comments on Momster O’clock

  1. Shienaas
    March 11, 2014 at 11:26 AM (5 years ago)

    Thanks Sandy :)

  2. Ruthie
    March 13, 2014 at 2:12 PM (5 years ago)

    I love this post Nachi….. To us mom new schools some how comes attached with a certain fear……. but in actual fact its a new beginning….. a totally new chapter in their lives….. and indeed… trusting in God is the most important factor and yes yes yes being patient is the key to a postitive and God favour filled day .. so thank you so much for that sound advice…. lets pray for each other as we “patiently” await the “positive” responses from the schools we chose to apply at…. much love lady!!! <3


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