A Tribute to a friend

Saying goodbye is never easy…

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A Tribute to a friend

I had the pleasure of meeting a very unique individual, Gretchen Aysen.

A woman, whom I thought was indifferent to others.

Time past between us and I got to know her a bit more with each day passing.                                                                                           

We shared stories and found our lives were not that diverse and found a common ground in our faith – Christianity and in our joy of being moms.

A friendship was encouraged with laughs, our patience as moms and for the love of our God.

There were tough times which we both endured, nonetheless supporting each other we grew only but closer with our connection.

I have erudite some valuable lessons with the time we spent together.               

Trust and integrity was the core of our relationship.


I had to say goodbye to you as an assistant, but I gained a wonderful friend.

You are going to bloom wherever your journey takes you, as I have the confidence knowing God is with you.

Gretchen has so much to give, especially in spirit.

I feel blessed knowing you.

cape town, nachi, blogger, fashion, top blogger, western

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