A Chunk of Gold Accessories

Gold has been a part of my fashion diet forever. I just can’t seem to get enough of it! Gold accessories are the Biggest trend this season warming up your wardrobe. It empowers your outfit in a flash. With all the right pieces you can magically transform yourself into something new.

Adorn yourself with this HOT Trend of gold necklaces. They are seen at ACCESSORIZE!

 Here are some tips to find the right gold fashion accessories:

Check the level of gold colour. Beware of neck-wear pieces looking more orange in colour than gold.

Weight is important; you don’t want to feel weighed down, especially if you will be sporting it the entire day. Remember to keep your pieces in cool, dark storage places. Gold may tarnish easily in humidity.

For me quality is essential; you don’t want it crumbling off your neck, while Mr. Hottie is watching.

Here are my MUST Have’s Gold Fashion Necklaces:

Another Reason to Shop at ACCESSORIZE!

 Nachi, Cape Town, Blogger, Western Cape, South Africa, Gold Jewellery, Accessories, Accessorize

  Nachi, Cape Town, Blogger, Western Cape, South African, Jewellery, Accessorize, Chunky Gold


Nachi, Cape Town,Blogger,South africa, popular, top, accessorize, gold, jewellery



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cape town, nachi, blogger, fashion, top blogger, western

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