Emo Adams Show by Grand West Casino

Emo Adams: is a true Capetonion and very Proudly South African.

I was privy to be have complimentary tickets for the Emo Adams show hosted by Grand West Casino in Goodwood.

The Emo Adams show took me by surprise, as he is not an average entertainer.

He has explosive energy that just never stops!

The crowd was wowed not just with his good-looks and charisma,  his talents exceed singing, dancing and stand-up comedy.

This all-in-one package is a rare find.

What locked me in, is his natural ability to sing graceful and entice the crowds simultaneously.

I am telling you, he has hips like Shakira! The ladies were getting there monies worth.

He continually expressed his passion for music and how influential it is to our everyday lives.

We took a trip down memory lane with the likes of Peaches and Herb, Elvis Presley and All for 4 One and the list continues.

Emo’s confidences screams on the stage, that he had his band in stitches with his humour.

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Emo Adams

I was fortunate to catch a photo with this well-known celeb, but speechless as I was Star-Struck!

Well Done to Emo and his Band!

What an amazing and riveting experience!

Grandwest  is well organized establishment and really knows how to promote performers.

Thank you for the event!

cape town, nachi, blogger, fashion, top blogger, western

Love Nachi x

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