Breaking away from the norm…

My husband and I have become accustom to the likes of Spur.
Why? This was the restaurant we preferred due to the Kiddies play area. When we are at Spur we can enjoy good conversation while our daughter had the time of her life.
Yesterday, we decided to break this monotonous pattern. We searched on Four-square and found nearby eateries and drove to Tashas at Constantia Village.

Tashas has a great ambiance, very upmarket and definitely a notch up from Spur.
We were greeted by smiles from every corner and easily seated to our comfort.Our daughter had a special introduction by management who made her feel like a rock star.

This restaurant vibe leaves you feeling laid back whilst you sip on a good cappuccino.
The menu has a great assortment for breakfast which leaves you confused, as everything just smells so delicious.
I opted for the Livers on Toast. This left a wow in my mouth, bursting with an explosion of flavors.
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Livers on Toast

Their portions are enormous which certainly fills the gap, but too huge to for a little girl. I would propose, as there were many kids at the venue- a kiddies menu should be considered.
Nonetheless, our meals were divine.
Tashas is a pet friendly restaurant, so don’t be too surprised if you find dogs coming to lick your toes.
This kept our daughter very entertained.

I could sit there for hours and just bask in the sun and taste the variety of refreshing drinks.
Would I go ahead; yes :)
It was a great experience!
Here is a farewell to Spur for now!

cape town, nachi, blogger, fashion, top blogger, western

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